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CRI Proudly Supports Veteran and Minority Owned Companies








CRI currently has 10 satellite offices. Our associates continually focus on our shippers immediate and long-term needs. Our goal is to create maximum value between our highly vetted carriers and our high-quality customers/shippers. By working to completely understand what the shippers expectations are we can deliver a best fit service provider to cover a particular need. This element tends to create long-term win-win relationships for both business partners.








Carrier Resources Incorporated (CRI) is a 20-year-old Sales and Marketing company. WE ARE NOT A BROKER. We connect high quality Service Providers to high-caliber Shippers. Currently, CRI represents over 100 outstanding service providers who support our 75 active shippers. Many of these shippers are Fortune 500 companies. We also attract small and medium-size customers who are seeking specialized transportation solutions. The CRI team of associates consist of tenured transportation and logistics veterans, who have the knowledge and skill sets to provide the highest level of support to both the shippers and the service providers.